Mental Poetry

Elisa A Escalante/ LCSW/ 4-23-2022

I wrote this in regard to people that were close to me, that thought it was a better idea to lie to me and allow me to live in “blissful ignorance” vs tell me the actual truth. Be honest with your friends and partners, even if it hurts.
I wrote this way back in High School. Even back then, I felt like freedom was just an illusion .
I wrote this regarding the types of people I refer to as “leeches” and “vampires”. People that latch on and take advantage of kindness, without regard to how badly they are hurting us.
This is about drug induced psychosis & ego death
This is about having a toxic friend that holds you back, and the hardship of coming to the realization that you have to cut ties and move on.
This is about the danger of envy and toxic competitiveness. How some people get to a point they want to win so bad, they would do any horrific thing for it.
This is about drug and abusive relationship withdrawal. How even though the sobriety of it is better for us, we feel extremely unsteady with our newfound peace.
Many different forms of suicidal ideation, plans and attempts
War trauma, drug addiction, confusion, flashbacks, danger, anxiety, numbness and more

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