Mental health Internet “Experts” Part 3

It’s been a while but the online mental health advice never stops!

Let’s get right to it!

This is a harmful way of conditioning people to be a pushover or a doormat. Should we really say “ok” to everything? Okay to physical or mental abuse? Okay to being used for our money? Okay to compromising on our boundaries or Non-negotiables? Okay to workplace harassment or maltreatment? Sometimes, moving on is impossible without assertive confrontation and change.
Forget our past? Then how do we learn from our mistakes? Memory has a purpose, perhaps we shouldn’t let it go to waste. Always be positive? What if we’re grieving? Should we force a smile through a trauma or a funeral?
Again, this concept of don’t think or feel and to “keep it moving” makes no sense. We forget that pausing and reflecting has a purpose. This all depends on what the “bad yesterday” was. It could be a lesson. If we don’t learn from those lessons we are doomed to repeat more bad days.
None of these tips are bad. But the advice in totality is bad. Humans are creatures of habit and conditioning. If any person tried to make all these changes at once, they’re bound to spiral into a depression binge after. Goals start small and are better off realistic, feasible and most importantly, sustainable over a long period of time.
What if the negative thought is something that needs to be worked through? Like “I’m so miserable… I need to change”. Forcing positive thoughts will not lead you to creating the objectives and goals that are necessary for a change that can help you in the long run.
Hard times with the opportunity to find ways out can lead to increased resilience. But traumatic times, with no support and a sense of helplessness will cause PTSD. Some trauma does not lead to beautiful transformation unfortunately, sometimes it leads to a chronic mental health condition. Much like the men from this show in the meme! Peaky Blinders.
Or maybe they just don’t want their heart to be ripped out and crushed into a million pieces. Aren’t we supposed to not get with the same type of person over and over again? Also, a genuine person shouldn’t be worried about being held accountable, especially if their intentions in a relationship are pure.

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