Glamp Happy

Elisa A. Escalante/ LCSW/ 1-6-2023

After spending many years toward a mental health career as well as fulfilling my dream to publish, I found myself asking “what’s next?” Well, real estate technically. That’s the one other major goal I have had. As in purchase real estate and perhaps work to rent out properties. But, due to the recession, I had to start simple. And that’s how I ended up creating a Glamping site with my incredible partner. We’re still very new to hosting, it has been quite the experience. Like anything else, I can see all the hiccups where many people might consider quitting. But like every other thing that’s hard, it’s also equally satisfying and rewarding.

The two major benefits of glamping on our site is we are under 15 minutes from Joshua tree National park (in the top ten of “most visited national parks” in the country right now.) And also, we offer more amenities Vs many of the other glamping sites in general. This includes: a walking trail, rock wall, fire pits, BBQ grill, hammocks, pool (during spring & summer), a gym shed, hot stove in the tent, & mini fridge. We also have no issues with pets!

Below are some pics of the Mojave Mesa Pyramid: (and to book your stay scroll to the bottom for the links!)

The platform was created with recycled Pallet wood and plywood
You can park right at the tent 🏕 and all the outdoor lighting has solar panels
The lights inside the tent are rechargeable and offer many colors options. All rocks are native to the Mojave desert area near our home
Imagine sketching that sunset! 🌄
A night time view while I was walking around the yard track, which is also lined with solar lights! So technically you can night time walk.
The compost toilet uses a flushing system. This is the inside of the outhouse …
Along with this amazing shower sitting on natural rocks that lead to a trench dug outside. And we do offer hot water! The window is a nice touch too and we recently added a handicap chair.
And here is the inside of our lovely Pyramid Yurt Glamping tent! 🏕
Carpeting for comfort & everything you need to make coffee in the bin! There’s plenty of outlet plugins too.
Another angle so you can see the wood stove! And there’s trunk space in the back for storage.
The rock Wall was built on the back of the shed closest to the tent! Some of the holders are made of wood & actual rock ✅
Our gorgeous walking trail with plenty of Mountain View’s
And you can relax at the fire pit or play Corn hole if you’re bored!
The Gym Shed! And a wonderful touch for all you Cobra Kai fans!
To book your stay click on either link below! We are on Glamping Hub (with a five star review) and Hipcamp!

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