Elisa A. Escalante/ LMSW/ 1-11-2021      Who are you at the party? Are you the life of the party, everyone waits for you as you make your exciting late/ dramatic entrance into the room? Are you the one who comes with someone, so you are not alone? Are you the one in the corner sippingContinue reading “Misfit”

New Year… New… Me?

Elisa A. Escalante/ LMSW/ 1-2-2021 “I need to learn calmness in chaos, because chaos never ends.” -EaE           Our traditions are dying, or perhaps changing, or perhaps they do not have the appeal they used to. Slowly, but surely, we see and feel the discomfort of change, and 2020 amplified it to a point noContinue reading “New Year… New… Me?”

The Fuel of Expectation

Elisa A Escalante/ LMSW/ 5-30-2020 “You didn’t choose an easy goal, therefore you cannot expect an easy path” It is absolutely imperative to identify, adjust, manage, and monitor our expectations. What do expectations stem from, and what do they mean for us? An expectation is about being taught what we deserve, or rather what weContinue reading “The Fuel of Expectation”