The Fuel of Expectation

Elisa A Escalante/ LMSW/ 5-30-2020 “You didn’t choose an easy goal, therefore you cannot expect an easy path” It is absolutely imperative to identify, adjust, manage, and monitor our expectations. What do expectations stem from, and what do they mean for us? An expectation is about being taught what we deserve, or rather what weContinue reading “The Fuel of Expectation”

My Slice of “The BIG Apple” Pie

Elisa A. Escalante/ LMSW/ 4-26-2020      “In NEW YOOOOOOOORRRRKKK!  Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are MADE Of! There’s nothing you can’t DO!!!”  Okay I will admit I screamed these lyrics singing along with Alicia Keys quite a bit when I arrived in New York city. I also recalled my many times watching reruns of ‘Friends’, ‘Seinfeld’,Continue reading “My Slice of “The BIG Apple” Pie”