Mental Health internet “Experts”

Elisa A. Escalante/ LCSW/ 3-25-2022 This topic needs to get covered, and I finally got my collection together to make this happen. Now with social media, there are mental health influencers and gurus everywhere. There’s more talk on mental health than ever before. And I’m proud of the younger generation for being more open toContinue reading “Mental Health internet “Experts””

Cool feedback, but, wrong person…

Elisa A Escalante/ LCSW/ 3-10-2021 This topic frequently comes up. All across the world, those that suffer from mental illness get bombarded with “practical” advice that unfortunately cannot help their debilitating chronic symptoms. People may mean well, but if they use these punchlines, they may not understand what suffering with a chronic mental illness entails.Continue reading “Cool feedback, but, wrong person…”

Lower the Dosage (Mind shielding)

Elisa A. Escalante/ LMSW/ 11-25-2020 “We do not owe anyone the labor of our hands or minds. It is for sale or trade, not to be stolen by a vampire or zombie.” -EaE      There is only so much stress we can allow into our minds and bodies before we start to feel the erosion/Continue reading “Lower the Dosage (Mind shielding)”